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What is Fresh Food?

June 1, 2016

What is Fresh Food?  So many people are using terms like “organic”, “fresh”, “green”, “juice”, etc, and I find that many are ignorant and don’t know what those terms mean, and don’t know what they are really eating.

When was the last time you asked questions about the food that you were eating?  When was the last time you were at the farmers market and you asked questions about exactly what they meant by the words they were using to describe the “freshness” of the food they were selling?

What is Fresh Food to you?

How different is the meaning to compare the way that society is using that term?  Do you know?  Is it good for you because it is “fresh”?

Just because it is “fresh” does that mean that mean their definition of fresh meets yours? What are they insinuating?  Is it an accurate description of what they are selling?  Is it deceptive advertising?  Or do we not know exactly what the FDA means by “fresh”?

What is Fresh Food?

  • Are they insinuating that it is “organic”?
  • Are they insinuating that it is “good” for you?
  • If they are insinuating that it is “good” for you, why do they want you to believe it is “good” for you?
  • Does it mean that it is Cold?
  • Does it mean it just came from the farm?
  • Does it mean it just came from China, Chile or Thailand in containers that took a week or longer for them to receive?
  • Is it suppose to mean that “fresh” is raw food?
  • Does it mean that it has no chemicals in it?
  • Does it mean that it is not genetically modified?
  • Does it mean that it just went through 5 vendors to end up on their shelves, and since they have it on their shelves now and is “new” in the store, it is fresh?
  • Does it mean that it is 3 weeks old but because it is has been eradicated, it lasts longer so since they put it in the refrigerator, it is fresh?
  • Are the vegetables “fresh” because they have been washed in a solution to get the bacteria off of them?
  • Are the vegetables “fresh” because they have been rinsed under water?
  • Have the vegetables been genetically modified?
  • Have they been sprayed with pesticides?
  • Have they been eradicated, so that they have a longer shelf life?
  • Have they had fertilizer on them?

You get my point!  What the heck does FRESH mean?

What does the word fresh mean on food labels.

This article states the following:

“Many consumers get bent out of shape about terms such as fresh on food labels without considering the true extent of the word. For example, fresh might imply “unwashed”. Would many consumers actually by a packaged food that consisted of unwashed ingredients? Or would we eat our vegetables and fruit without washing them because they are more fresh that way? What about the case of packaged lettuces that have been pre-washed? Should they be allowed to be called fresh if the manufacturer washes them so that they are ready to be consumed? Someone has to decide how the term fresh specifically applies.”

“The following provisions and restrictions, in addition, do not preclude the food from use of the term “fresh:”

  1.  The addition of approved waxes or coatings;
  2. The post-harvest use of approved pesticides;
  3. The application of a mild chlorine wash or mild acid wash on produce; or
  4. The treatment of raw foods with ionizing radiation not to exceed the maximum dose of 1 kilogram”


My hope is to get you to think and to encourage you to educate yourself to what you are putting in your body.

DO NOT ASSUME that other people are watching out for your health, and don’t believe the FDA is doing it either!  KNOW the meaning of the words they are using to describe the food you are fueling your body with!

Educate yourself and make decisions that work for you and YOUR FAMILY!

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