What A Wholistic Lifestyle Designer Is…

April 6, 2016

A Wholistic Lifestyle Designer helps you discover your life purpose.  They help empower you to live the life that you were created to live, one that you are worthy and deserving of.

When you put together a plan for your life, you have a road map on where you are going and how you are going to get there.  A Wholistic Lifesytle Designer helps you with that plan, becoming a friend and a confident.  They help keep you accountable, walking beside you, empowering and encouraging you to the desired destination!

Why a Wholistic Lifestyle Designer?  Because they focus on the 9 dimensions of wellness:

  1. relational
  2. physical
  3. nutritional
  4. emotional
  5. spiritual
  6. social
  7. environmental
  8. occupational
  9. intellectual

The Body, Mind and Spirit of a human being is the WHOLE being of a person.  When one area is out, it affects the other areas of wellness.  In order to live in an Optimal State of Health and Wellness, you must have balance in these areas.  Consistency Is the Key so that you can live the life that you were created to live!

In order to be effective, the Wholistic Lifestyle Designer must emulate integrity in their own life, living a life where they Honor who they were designed to be and Mastering their own life.

An Authentic Wholistic Lifestyle Designer is:

  • A life coach
  • One who Masters their own life
  • Constantly growing and changing
  • A friend who cares for you and guides you when you need it
  • An individual who produces results in their own life
  • One who takes measurements, so one can get results
  • A strategy individual, to help one move their life forward
  • An ordinary people who is skilled, modeling with their own life how to get results, and helps others get results
  • One that has an amazing journey in life, using their own experiences to help assist others
  • A human being who is not perfect
  • An individual who takes responsibility for their own actions
  • One who has mentors who call them out and mirror back to them who they are, so that they can be used in others lives (your life)
  • One who lives their own truth
  • And Much More

A Wholistic Lifestyle Designer’s Goal:

Help you become the best version of you so that you can live the life and have the love that you are worthy and deserving of!

A Wholistic Lifestyle Designers calls you to the bigger vision and purpose of your life.

A Wholistic Designer does not tell you what to do.  They come along side you in the process of changing behaviors, leading, teaching and guiding you on the path of your own journey.

It takes Discipline, Dedication and a Life Focused on the Desired Result to be WHO you were called to be!  A Lifestyle Designer is one who comes along side you to help you be that Whole Person who is striving to be the best that you can be.

A Wholistic Lifestyle Designer helps coach YOU to discover their life purpose. 

They empower YOU to live the life that they YOU were created to live!

Let’s begin designing the plan for you life to live out your calling, so that you can have the Life that YOU are worthy and deserving of.

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Elisabeth Princeton

WD Founder

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